(Standard Size Car)
INTERIOR:  The interior is completely wiped down, a/c vents are cleaned.  Cup holders, steering wheel, door panels and arm rests are scrubbed.  Seats, carpets and floor mats are all shampooed.  Trunk is vacuumed and leather is conditioned.
$145.00 to $185.00 depending on condition of vehicle.

EXTERIOR:  Every car is hand washed and dried, including door jambs and trunk lip.  Small scratches and imperfections are polished out.  Rock chips are touched up (customer provides paint).  
Wax is applied and taken off by hand. Tires are dressed, chrome is polished and glass is cleaned.
$125.00 to $185.00 depending on condition of vehicle 

$195.00 to $285.00 depending on condition of vehicle 

Paintless Dent Removal:  Dents and dings can easily be removed the same day your car is being detailed which saves you the time and inconvenience of going to an expensive body shop. 
(Work performed by DENTFREE.)   

CLAY BAR:  Does your vehicles paint feel rough like sandpaper even when it’s clean?? Our Clay Bar service will make it feel smooth as glass.

Are you headlight lenses dull and cloudy?  We can polish them out to look and perform like new.
$25.00 per lens 

OVERSPRAY AND OXIDATION REMOVAL:Must see vehicle for estimate.