Bill Botts Mirror Finish Auto Detailing is an award winning, full service detail shop that has been in business for over 15 years.  Owner, Bill Botts has over 25 years experience and handles everything from show cars to fleet accounts.  Bill has been servicing Alameda Police Department for over 10 years.  Other fleet accounts include Harbor Bay Security and the US Coast Guard. 

When it comes to quality, Bill is a perfectionist and takes pride in being more demanding then the customer.  Every car is hand washed and dried, including door jambs and trunk lip.  Small scratches and imperfections are polished out.  Rock chips are touched up (customer provides paint).  Wax is applied and taken off by hand. Tires are dressed, chrome is polished and glass is cleaned. 

The interior is completely wiped down, a/c vents are cleaned, cup holders, steering wheel, door panels and arm rests are scrubbed.  Seats, carpets and floor mats are all shampooed.  Trunk is vacuumed and leather is conditioned.

Our goal is to make every car look as good as new! 

(Licensed and Insured)